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Do Not Let Stress Take Control of Your Nursing Job

Do Not Let Stress Take Control of Your Nursing Job

You have to agree with me that one of most stressful jobs is that of a nurse. Dealing with shifts, patients and lack of sleep can drive anyone up the wall and sometimes even into depression. When you get to that point, your life starts taking an ugly turn. You become irritable, you find it so difficult to socialize with anyone and sometimes when the stressful situation continues without taking care of it you take it on the patients, your family and even your work colleagues. It is therefore very important to find ways to relieve that stress if you want to continue giving your work your full dedication. Below are different ways in which nurses handle their mental, emotional and physical stress.  


Taking Better Self-Care  

If you need a good base to work from, you must first take of yourself. Taking care of yourself, is not just about physical grooming. You should also take care of your whole body and mind in order to work properly. Love yourself first before you can love anyone else.


Sleeping Better

You cannot perform your work well if your brain is half-asleep. Some of the shifts may deprive you of sleep but anytime you get the chance, sleep that stress away. If nurses failed to do this, you know what would happen. We would have wrong medicine dispensations, failure to identify changes in patients, lack of concentration and memory loss among others


Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food     

Sometimes nurses do not find enough time to sit and eat proper nutritious meals. What you have is a body and not a machine and during the breaks, try to eat something healthy instead of junk and sugary drinks. You should always keep your energy levels at all times. Several nurses plan their weekly meals to include nutritious lunches and snacks.


Develop your Hobbies and Passions

So yes, you are a nurse and very dedicated to your work. No actually, your work is your life and you think you have no time for anything else. That is a bad way to go. Just because you are busy, you should not neglect your passions. They help you to blow off some steam and there is no better way to keep stress away than occasionally doing what makes you happy.


Regular Exercise

If you cannot manage some regular exercises daily, at least try to get some time off for some once a week. This will lower down risks of different diseases and increase your lifespan. It also helps with weight loss management and better sleeping patterns.



Another great method many nurses use to fight stress is by meditation. Meditation helps you to relax. There are different ways you can meditate to de-stress. You can take up yoga lessons or sit at a quiet place and listen to soothing music and audio journeys of people that have benefitted from meditation. Setting some time alone all by yourself to listen to your inner self gives you great happiness and excellent health. To meditate, you do not even need hours. You should not worry about missing some time off with your patients because a 25-minute break is enough for a session.  


Find a Mentor

One of the things that keep many nurses sane and active is the help they get from their mentors. Having a mentor is necessary because they lessen the loneliness and helplessness that nurses sometimes go through. A mentor in most cases will be somebody who has stayed longer in the job and knows what make you get into stressful situations. A mentor will give you advise bothconcerning the job and other inter-personal relationships.


Not Personalize Situations at Work

Some nurses develop special and strong attachments to patients, which can sometimes affect their work. When such a patient gets worse or dies, the nurse is not able to carry his or her duties diligently because of the effects of the sad situation. As much as it is noble to have that closeness, you should always remember that most patients and their families consider you as part of the hospital. You can show kindness yes, but you have to be very careful not to become too emotionally attached. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to mourn or empathize with a situation involving a patient, make sure you keep on a professional body language.  


Go For a Vacation

Occasionally, nurses take some time off and travel far just to fight stress. A technique brings back your happiness and increases your energy levels. Taking a vacation away from work is one way of saying; I care about my well-being and happiness.  

Those are some of the techniques many nurses from all over the world practice to reduce stress. Do not let stress waste you away.

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