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What Does A Nursing Advisory Board Do?

What Does A Nursing Advisory Board Do?

The nurse advisory board (VAR) is an advisory body set up by the board of directors. The VAR provides solicited and unsolicited advice on care-related, research and educational matters insofar as they relate to nursing aspects.

The VAR acts on behalf of all BIG-registered nurses  in Florida and student nurses who have an employment contract with the Northwest Hospital Group. We call this the nursing staff of the hospital.

The VAR consists of nurses and team leaders. These VAR members elect a chairman and vice-chairman from their midst. In the composition of the VAR, the aim is to achieve the widest possible distribution of representatives across the hospital. In addition, the VAR has two advisers, without voting rights. This is a healthcare development advisor and a training advisor. An official secretary has been assigned by the Executive Board.



The aim of the VAR is, on the one hand, to promote the quality of care, professional responsibility and the development of the nursing profession, and on the other hand to contribute to policy preparation, determination and evaluation within the Northwest Hospital Group.


Focus areas

The VAR focuses on organizational development and legal frameworks and developments in the long term protocols and quality policy training, professionalization and nursing functions



In addition to requested and unsolicited advice, the VAR is active on the following points:


Symposium (yearly)

·        VAR lunch, presentation on nursing topics during lunch (monthly)

·        participation in project and steering groups

·        bi-weekly board meeting

·        VAR bulletin (4 to 5 times a year)


Contact with supporters

Contact is maintained in various ways by the VAR with the group she represents, the nursing profession. Various members of the VAR take part in the head meetings and consultations of the staff nurses. In this way there is mutual (informative) feedback. Furthermore, all VAR members work in a department and in this way have contact with the supporters.

The VAR bulletin informs nurses about the advice and further activities of the VAR. At other contact moments, such as during the VAR lunches and the symposium, professional information is offered. In addition, nurses can always contact VAR members or secretaries themselves with questions, comments, suggestions, etc.


Consultation situations

The VAR has structural consultations with the Executive Board, healthcare group managers, medical staff, works council and patient advice council. Within these consultations the recommendations of the VAR are discussed and in addition a lot of information is exchanged and opinions are discussed.

Outside our organization, the VAR regularly contacts other VARs, the LCVAR, LCVV, OVerAl and other organizations in the nursing field.

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