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Why Your Image as a Nurse Matters

Why Your Image as a Nurse Matters

Nurses deal with many things at any given time. At their work places, they handle all kinds of patients. These are patients with wounds, dirty looking patients, patients with terminal illnesses and some very stubborn patients. However, whatever the situation, they always tend to appear calm and the fun part is they are always neat and smart. They arrive to their workstations always looking neat and leave looking the same. When they put on their scrubs, they make sure they still keep them clean. One wonders why, with all that they go through, they have to maintain the smart look. A nurse’s image is however not about just the clean uniform and scrubs even though the hospital dress code demands it. A nurse’s image is all about reputation and the impression it leaves on everyone.  

If you are a smart looking nurse, with the perfect well-groomed hair and clean looking shoes among other things, people will notice you. If however you have all that but your behavior at work is inappropriate, that will soil not only your reputation but also that of the whole hospital or health center. As a nurse, you have to understand that the perfect image you look at in the mirror is much more than looks and dressing code. You should always ask yourself if that person looking back at you is much more than what people see on the outside. Once you truly accept that you are more than a neat uniform, then carrying out your job as a nurse gets easier. How then do you maintain an all rounded good image?


Follow and Obey the Rules Set By Your Employer

Every employer out there expects the employees to maintain a tidy and neat image at all times. Sometimes you may feel like you want to bend the rules a bit and look different because you think you have the right to do as you wish since it is after all a free world. You cannot however decide to keep an untidy look because you think your employer is unfair. You do not represent yourself, but a whole lot of other people in the same profession. You represent the health institution you work for as a nurse.  

Majority of the hospitals have a rather conservative code of dressing. Very few change with the times. It does not matter how much you think they need to change. You just have to abide by the appearance standards set by the employer. The reasons why this may be the case is, nurses should not attract a lot of attention from the patients. Remember, many of the patients have a lot going on in their lives and minds and the slightest distraction can set them off. This is why hospitals do not go with the trends of modern ways of dressing. Nurses need to create an environment that is both comfortable and appealing to the patients.  A new look that is completely outside the hospitals standards can make a nurse become unapproachable.


Think About Your Reputation

Reputation matters a lot especially if you are working among other people. You have to maintain a good reputation if you want your peers to respect you for who you are. Treat people the way you would like them to treat you because treating people right is one of the most important factors that says a lot about your reputation. Do not get that “I do not care what people think” attitude because how people, especially those that work with you perceive you matters a lot. In order to maintain an impeccable image and reputation, you should

• Not bring your personal issues to your place of work

• Take extremely good care of your personal hygiene and look clean at all times

• Never wear too much makeup to work

• Keep your hairstyle simple and tidy

• Never wear strong colognes and perfumes to the hospital

• Always keep time

• Mind more about other people than you dwell so much on your own insecurities

• Always be professional and follow all the laid down rules


What Does a Good Image Do For You?

Maintaining a good image as a nurse does many wonderful things to you. For starters, it boosts your self-esteem. You walk around and tend to your patients with more confidence and everyone around you finds it easy to communicate with you. You gain more respect from your peers, your employer and the patients.

When people feel good and free around you, it affects how you carry out your duties. It also changes how you feel about your life and you are able to take better control of everything around you. When you have this kind of drive and confidence, very little can bring you down.  Remember a good image is a long-term project and you should always aspire to be the best of what you are. Wear those scrubs with pride.

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